Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday sub plans

On Friday I was out for a planned family memorial service, so here are the sub plans for both AP and regular bio:

1) Students should silently read, highlight, and annotate the Cambridge Volume 2 Game Plan on pp. 224-225. 

2) When students are finished, they should work on the 3 Passages on pp. 226-230 by reading the passages and answering the questions.  They should mark the text as I showed them how to do.

3) Go over the correct answers with them after they've worked through all of the questions.

4) All students should also work on their science fair papers and/or posters (or Organismal Diversity Projects for AP bio) when they're finished.

For regular bio homework: Finish your science fair research paper and poster (both must be typed!) by Monday at the beginning of the period!

For AP bio homework, your Organismal Diversity Project PowerPoint draft is due on Monday at 8 AM.  If you choose to email it to me, then you must do so by Sunday at 3 PM.

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